Meet Lynda

Hi there! I am Lynda, a traveling wedding photographer primarily shooting weddings in Atlanta, GA & Tri-State areas and destinations worldwide. I am also a big sister, auntie, travel fanatic since the age of 2 , movie fanatic, proud member of Zeta Phi Beta sorority.  I am the one who will not only become your wedding photographer but your wedding bestie to help you to stay stress free during your wedding planning process and hopefully become a longtime friend. 

I am driven by candid, genuine moments during your wedding day from the time you first slip into your dress to moment you lock eyes with each other as you walk down the aisle. My wish for my couples are to relive each of these lifetime moments of that day in your first family heirloom (your album) to share with your loved ones and generations to come.  

I strongly believe in having your images displayed in your home, not hiding away on your computer or your cell phone that's why I build my wedding experience collections to include heirloom albums.




After many years of being able to capture my loved ones through the art of photography, 
I was blessed in 2015 to create Lynda Louis Photography. By mid 2016, after experiencing an unexpected shoulder injury I walked away from my corporate job in the hospitality industry of over 12 years to pursue my passion of serving others through my photography full time.

When I am not photographing a wedding, you can find me spending my time with my family or binge watching on Netflix, reading or simply planning my next international traveling adventure from my bucket list. 
Are you ready to take a peek inside the Wedding Experience and becoming a Lynda Louis Bride? 

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Are you ready to take a peek inside the Wedding Experience and becoming a Lynda Louis Bride? 







 She Believes 
- in the sacrament of marriage.
- in for better or for worse.
- in unconditional love for all.  
- a wedding is a day & a marriage is for a lifetime. 



   As your Atlanta wedding photographer, it would be an honor and blessing to not only be able to focus on capturing your special day, the details, the laughter, the tears and everything else in between but to be a part of the beginning of your many "firsts to each other while Lynda walks you both through the photography experience, and document your tender life stories as it happens through her lens.

The Wedding Experience will be a living documentation of your love story for each other.
It will be the beginning of so many "milestones" in your lives together, this special day that you're planning will come and go.    

It will be the look in each other's eyes as you sees each other for the first time, your first dance together, your first kiss , the joy and hugs from friends but most of all, it will be the very first time you will stand in front of your loved ones and proclaim your love and commitment to one another. 

Lynda want to get to know you! She is not looking to just shoot your wedding, She wants to become life long friend that will be there for your special day and beyond.

" I CHOOSE YOU. And I'll choose you, over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat.
 I will keep choosing you."

- unknown