July 26, 2017


Centennial Olympic Park Couple Shoot As an Atlanta wedding photographer, I am SO eager and excited to photograph at one of Atlanta’s most popular parks: Centennial Olympic Park with newlyweds Sarah & Terry for their couple session!  This popular location has definitely been on my Atlanta wedding photography bucket list of awesome places to shoot in the city!

Centennial Olympic Park Couple Session

Centennial Olympic Park Couple Session

Centennial Olympic Park Couple Session
 both come from different backgrounds. Different cultures, and religious denomination and general background. They have learned so much based on their differences, yet they are still very much alike.
 Sarah is caring, selfless and kind and is very tolerant of Terry’s unique behaviors (in a fun way).
Centennial Olympic Park Couple Session
Terry arranged for a trip to the Grand Canyon, a site that neither of them has ever visited, and one that especially Sarah was yearning to see. Unknown to Sarah, Terry had the engagement ring hidden in their carry on luggage. Ironically, moments before he started his proposal, Sarah had hinted as they gazed over the range that this would be a perfect spot for a proposal.
Centennial Olympic Park Couple Session
Sometime later, Terry motioned Sarah to the edge of a cliff and he thought this would be a perfect photo opportunity. As Sarah walked toward the cliff to get her pose ready, Terry asked a fellow tourist to take video of us as he was about to propose.
Atlanta Wedding Photographer Centennial Olympic Park Couple Session

To Sarah’s surprise, her hint had been already in the works. After Terry asked and she said yes, they enjoyed the view of the canyon on top that cliff. He can still remember the exact spot if they were to revisit it.

The newlyweds got married on September 23rd, 2016 at the St Augustine Catholic Church in Gainesville, FL.  Everything went extremely well.  Their most memorable moment as a married couple so far is adopting a cat together. His name is Francis.

Centennial Olympic Park Couple Session with Atlanta Wedding Photographer

 The best advice the couple has received about marriage that they actually use is to remember to listen to everything your partner has to say and provide thoughtful ideas and concerns. In other words, make sure you communicate effectively and be empathetic to your partner’s needs.

Special thank you to Rozalynn Johnson of Faces Makeup Artistry for a beautiful makeup job!

Be sure to also check out their video from the couple’s session.



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